Xiaomi presents technology that charges the phone wirelessly – from a distance

On Friday, Xiaomi presented its new Mi Air Charge technology that will make it possible to wirelessly charge several devices simultaneously. This even if the devices are used, you walk around with them or there is even something between the device and the charger itself, reports Gsmarena.

Judging by the pictures released by Xiaomi, the Mi Air Charge seems to be a product of the larger kind, much like a bedside table. Regardless, the charging station must be able to provide a charge of 5W with a range of several meters. Physical objects that are in the way are also not claimed to reduce the effect.

To accomplish this, the Mi Air Charge uses five “phase interference” antennas to determine the location of a smartphone. Each of the phase interference antennas in turn consists of 144 smaller antennas that transmit millimeter-wide waves to the telephone.

For the charge to work, the receiver unit also needs to be equipped with a corresponding antenna device that can convert the waves to current. According to Xiaomi, their future living room devices, such as speakers, lamps and other smart home products, will be designed with this in mind. Later on, the technology will also be compatible with smartwatches, fitness bands, and more.

However, Xiaomi has not yet said when the Mi Air Charge may be released.

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