Xiaomi shows off scar glasses – M3

Xiaomi is not right to be overshadowed by Apple. On the same day as the new Iphone is to be launched, the Chinese manufacturer has demonstrated a concept for a pair of, to say the least, advanced scar glasses.

Xiaomi Smart Glasses basically looks like a pair of regular glasses. The brackets for the frames are a little noisier than usual, and there is a camera in the left bracket that reveals that it is more than a pair of glasses.

In the right bracket is a kind of projector with micro-LED technology. It is monochromatic to be able to maximize the brightness so that the image is visible even in bright daylight (up to two million nits brightness, says Xiaomi). The image is projected through a special structure embedded in the solid lens.

The Xiaomi Smart Glasses concept
Photo: Xiaomi

In terms of function, the company sees three main areas of use: For important notices (such as warnings from smart home products), for incoming calls and for navigation. The glasses can show a small simple map and instructions for how to walk / drive / cycle so that you do not have to look away from the road.

Today, the glasses are just a concept and even though it looks like the company has actually developed prototypes with the various technologies, it is unknown if they will ever be released as a finished product.