XPG presents mouse with built-in storage

XPG are known for their solutions when it comes to storage, but now they have also built in what they can best in a gaming mouse.

Having a built-in SSD of 1TB in your mouse may sound like a dream to many, I do not understand why but soon this may become a reality.

XPG simply wants to release a mouse but at the same time do what they do best and work with storage, therefore this particular mouse has 1TB storage built-in. At the moment, this is only a concept, but I suspect if the interest is so great, it will be released.

XPG says that with the built-in SSD you get up to 985MB / s write speed, all this happens then of course via USB-C. We do not know much more than that at the moment, but hope to see and hear more during CES 2022.