You will be able to print photos in New Pokemon Snap

A collaboration between Nintendo and Fujifilm has given us one of the cutest gaming accessories of the year. I’m talking about a special edition of the little photo printer Instax Mini Link. The printer itself has been on the market for a while and is used to print smaller format images directly from a smartphone. Now, however, a special edition with a Pokémon theme will be used New Pokémon Snap. It will be released at the same time as the game next week (the 30th), but it remains to be seen at which retailers and regions it will be available.

Instax Mini Link is primarily connected to a smartphone, which means that you need one as an intermediary to get your photos out. In other words, it is not much worse than the Switch’s current image sharing function, so it can be a good thing to live with. The question is just what the price lands on. An Instax Mini Link directly from the shelf costs around SEK 1,150 Pricerunner at the time of writing.

For those of us in Sweden who could not go to the nearest Wallmart or Pokémon Center to immortalize our images taken in the first Pokémon Snap for Nintendo 64, this is a fun curiosity. Of course, everyone can take screenshots and share pictures to the right and left as it is today, but only the principle brings the nostalgic boomer in me to life.