Youtubare sent Airtag to Tim Cook – got response from assistant

Jonathan (surname unknown) who runs the Youtube channel Megalag has made a couple of videos that show an interesting experiment with Apple’s gadget finder tag Airtag.

The first was released on June 2, a few weeks after he sent three badges: one to Tim Cook, one to Elon Musk and one to the German Embassy in North Korea. The latter because he lives in Germany and wanted to test whether the tag could be traced in North Korea at all, and simply needed an address to send it to who might receive it.

None of the tiles were yet present when that video was published, but a couple of days ago he released an update where we find out what happened to the tiles.

The badge to North Korea (and another one he sent when DHL seemed to have neglected the first one) never arrived, as the country had closed all air traffic into the country due to covid-19. The washer for Elon Musk arrived at Space X, but after a few weeks it was sent for recycling.

But the tray for Tim Cook arrived at Apple’s headquarters and after six weeks it was suddenly back in Germany and arrived the next day. With the badge came a letter from one of Tim Cook’s CEO assistants, who thanked for the letter and hoped that he would enjoy his Airtag even after its long journey.

Jonathan also notes that Apple’s attention to detail also applies to office supplies: the letter he received was printed on special letterhead with rounded corners.