Youtube hits the chest: Better at removing unauthorized videos

Youtube has now presented a new measurement system that the video site argues for shows how they have become better at removing unauthorized videos, reports The New York Times.

“Violative View Rate” as the measurement system is called shows the percentage of the total number of views on Youtube that come from videos that do not follow the site’s guidelines and are later removed.

According to Youtube itself, these views should make up between 0.16 and 0.18 percent of the total number of views on the platform for the fourth quarter of 2020. Or the equivalent between 16 and 18 views per 10,000 views on the site.

According to Youtube itself, the violative view rate figure should instead have been between 0.63 and 0.72 percent during the fourth quarter of 2017. However, Youtube has not given any exact figures for the number of views for any of the periods. However, it is known that the video site has removed 83 million inappropriate videos and seven billion comments since 2018.

“We have made great progress and that is a very, very low figure, but of course we want it to be lower,” Jennifer O’Connor, head of Yotube’s trust and security team, told the New York Times.

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