Youtube Shorts is released in Sweden

Youtube Shorts is Google’s challenger to Tikton – both the format (short videos) and the tools that make it easy to edit together an intense video experience.

The service has been beta tested in a number of countries for some time, and now it’s Sweden’s turn, reports Mobile. On Wednesday, it will be opened for Swedish users, who can thus start editing their own videos.

In addition to completely own creations, Youtube Shorts offers opportunities to “remix” other users’ films, for example by adding new material, comments or mixing in their own clips. This is also something that comes from Tiktok where it has led to popular phenomena like a capella videos where each user puts on a new voice on a song.

According to Mobil, more than 250 record companies and other rights holders will release material that can be used by users of the service.

In May, Google also introduced “Youtube Shorts Fund”, A creative fund worth the equivalent of SEK 860 million that will distribute scholarships to creators on the platform whose videos have attracted many views and a lot of interaction. Thousands of users will receive the money every month.

To have a chance for the money, you must follow YouTube’s user agreement and your videos must be your own creations and not mix with other people’s content.