Youtube: We receive millions of false copyright complaints

Youtube has published a “copyright transparency report” to show the world how the company handles copyright cases and allegations of copyright infringement. The report is the first of its kind. It applies to the first half of 2021 and the idea is that new reports will be released twice a year.

The report states that the Content ID system for finding the use of copyrighted material was used 722 million times during the period, and 1.6 million requests to remove illegally used material were submitted.

Less than one percent of all Content ID matches are appealed by the person who uploaded the video. 60 percent of these (2.2 million uploaders) were right.

A significantly larger proportion of the complaints that are submitted manually via web forms are questioned – eight percent, which is 30 times more than for Content ID. But Youtube also points out that a single mistake with Content ID can be fatal as it can affect thousands of videos and creators.

An example is a news channel that uploaded a video from Nasa that is free to use for anyone and sent false demands for the removal of videos from all other news channels and also Nasa’s own Youtube channel.

If you are curious, you can read the full report here.