The Witcher Novels: Great for Another Fix There is a great deal of satisfaction that comes with completing a game. This satisfaction, however, is often accompanied by a tinge of sadness. This is something I experienced particularly with The Witcher 3.
You Always Remember Your First: Wonder Boy 3: The Dragon’s Trap I was five and sitting on the floor of my neighbour’s living room. I was surrounded by a group of children, all huddled around a TV, with an array of various expressions of wonderment plastered on each face.
Top 10 Video Game Artistic Styles For decades now, video games have been defined by a few universal categories: sound, graphics, and game play – but possibly one of the most important is the art. How the game looks, the colors that leap off the screen, the way they mix and come to life.
Gaming Moments We Never Forget We play video games for the enjoyment of it. We play as a method of escaping the doldrums of the daily grind, perhaps. But we also play them for those moments of true excitement, the ones that stick with you.


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